Best Blogging Tools Around

I have been blogging since August 2003 (already three and half years now) and only recently I started looking for the best blogging tools as my number of blogs increased from 1 to 3. Earlier I used to blog in Blog-City at as my online diary after checking a few other free blogging tools including Blogger. I used it for my personal events, my professional interests on IT and my passion for chess. But as I have become more aware of Web 2.0 aspects and the power of blogs, I decided to separate the target audience based on 3 major categories. I am continuing to blog my general and personal events in blog-city at For my chess related entry I am now using Blogger at For Java, IT industry and technology trends I chose this wordpress blog at
But during my recent exploration I found there are so many free and commercial blogging tools that its really difficult to choose one as a winner among the others. After my long searches my personla conclusion is that WordPress is the best, followed by Blogger and LiveJournal among the free blogging tools.

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