Khandakar Asif Hasan on “Meet the Mentors” by SQABD

SQA Bangladesh took an excellent initiative to interview the mentors of software industry in Bangladesh and podcast those through Meet the Mentors program. Listen to their first podcast(MP3) session at:

This session is with Khandakar Asif Hasan, Director at Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd who shared his valuable insights on the strategies for development of software industry infrastructure. In this interview he touched the areas of software development life cycle process, proper training of human resources to build up core professionals in this field, the issue of internship, current Bangladesh Government policies in IT sector, modifications that need to apply to grab local software markets, essense of sustainable software development community, major problems of our software industry by comparing with the neighboring country India. He emphasized on collaboration between software companies and sharing knowledge, tools between each other to guide our software development community with a successful new dimension. Overall this podcast session tries to visualize the milestones and problems of software industry through the analytical portray of Khandakar Asif Hasan with his mission, vision and experiences of journey in the software industry during more than a decade.

I was lucky enough to get Asif Vai as mentor in my software engineering career when I joined Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd at 2001. Those who have worked with him, have the appreciation for both his architectural vision as well as engineering approach to solving any (non technical) problems. Layered architecture, design patterns, process centric software development approach, importance of good document writing, team work, knowledge sharing are only a few of what he instilled in our team. He understands the industry trends and from a bird’s eye view can tell which one is appropriate to adapt with and which one should be only studied and left in the buzz. We need more mentors like him in our software industry. I invite you to go through the whole session and share your feedbacks with me.

Directly download from:

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