Searching for a job in Bangladeshi Software Companies

I got an email from an NIITian a few days ago who is looking for a job in any Bangladeshi software company. Here is an excert of my reply via email that you may find useful.


Software industry in Bangladesh is yet not matured enough to get a quick opening. If you are planning to focus on non-software industry like banking, telecomm – I dont know much about them.

You sound to be quite fresh in terms of project experience, so you may start planning to get some experience first. There are few ways how you can get into a project.

  1. NIIT internship/job assistance: Don’t look at the salary or title, just join whatever you get. You have to start from the bottom and go way into the top over time.
  2. Develop skill on one particular area. For example, Java, Microsoft.NET, PHP, Linux Server Administration or Software Testing (SQA). Remember it is a long term process, there is nothing that you can do to shorten it other than constantly studying and practicing the skill.
  3. Join few online IT professionals group and be active on those groups over email. For example, JPGroup (, SQABD (, PHPExperts (, BDLUG ( etc.
  4. Look at BDJobs web site and start applying all the jobs that are looking for fresh people rather than experienced ones.
  5. Look at the Information Technology section of the following link and select the companies where you can drop your resumes – .


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