I joined SalesForce.com as a Software Engineer

I joined Salesforce in San Francisco yesterday as a Software Engineer. So far it has been a wonderful and competitive corporate environment. My manager took me to a Thai Cuisine for lunch and explained me how Salesforce is growing so fast! I will be probably assigned to AppStore and Phoenix projects soon after I finish my admin training next week.

Last Friday (2nd Nov) my Philips colleagues gave me a farewell lunch at Red Kwali in Milpitas. Although Jeff could not attend it and instead gave me a phone call to say good bye; everyone else in Philips Milpitas R&D team joined that – Imtiyaz, Brian, Dan, Jade, David, Tho, Ba, Franca. It was a nice time with them.

2 thoughts on “I joined SalesForce.com as a Software Engineer”

  1. I came out of the dillema of joining Salesforce.com or Citrix Online or Fox Interactive media applying the following considerations.

    1. Base Salary – I am currently talking in terms of 110K to all the companies.
    2. Future GC processing – Some companies may not have this option.
    3. My Role/Title – Its almost in all companies Software Engineer or similar position. It also will show me the future growth scope within the company.
    4. Stock Option – Some companies will offer this and some won’t.
    5. Sign in Bonus – If any.
    6. Relocation expense – If I have to relocate.
    7. Face to face interview – During face to face interview I try to figure out the environment and the culture of the company whether that suits me or not. For example, I just got an offer yesterday in San Francisco downtown with all the above criteria fulfilled. But the environment is too bad for me and hence I refused the offer.


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