GTD: Getting Things Done

I have read some articles on it on and off last few months and tried a firefox extension of GTD for GMail without success. Today while thinking I have so many works in hand to do both personally and in office, I gave myself an hour’s break to study a little more on GTD.

Getting Things Done

By David Allen

To know what it is, I would rather leave you to the wikipedia entry – than spending my words. All the articles say to read David Allen’s famous book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity at least twice to start with. I don’t have enough patience for that and before I pick that book from Barnes & Nobles tonight, I decided to follow the article below as I use Google Notebook for a while.

Lots of authors suggest to start with plain pen and paper instead of heavier GTD tools like ThinkingRock which I may really adopt one day if needed.

I have been using RTM with GMail for last few months inconsistently without actually being aware of GTD. If you choose for this instead of Google Notebook here is a link.

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