The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels

I finished The First 90 Days by Michael D Watkins today. I don’t think it’s very relevant for me but at higher level of leadership, this will be a good book to check. In this book Michael elaborates below 9 points for successful transition of leaders into new jobs with new responsibilities.


1. Promote Yourself – make yourself mentally ready for the run
2. Accelerate Your Learning – define a focused set of questions
3. Match Strategy To Situation – STARS (Startup, Turnaround, Realignments, Sustaining Success)
4. Secure Early Wins – to boost credibility and motivate people
5. Negotiate Success – ensure realistic expectations
6. Achieve Alignment – Strategy, Structure, Systems, Skills, Culture
7. Build Your Team – Competence, Judgement, Energy, Focus, Relationships, Trust
8. Create Coalitions – Influence people
9. Keep Your Balance – adopt success strategies, enforce personal disciplines, build support systems

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