Communication Fundamentals: How To Communicate Better

Over the weekend I finished the Udemy course Communication Fundamentals: How To Communicate Better by Lorraine Wiseman. I went through some of her other leadership courses as well and find her delivery quite well. I recommend this course for you if you want to get better at communicating and persuading others to your ideas. It’s only one and half hours long and is part of Udemy for Business subscriptions. Here are some key take-aways from the course.

  • Qualities of an ideal communicator:
    • confidence
    • leadership skills
    • relational; getting along with people
    • economic sense
    • professional
  • Putting yourself in the shoes of the receiver:
    • listening loudly
    • open-ended questions
    • liking
    • positive silence
    • storytelling
    • being authentic
  • When persuading others:
    • establish credibility
    • build the common ground
    • connect emotionally
    • reinforce your idea, back to the point that you’re trying to persuade the individual on
  • There are 5 types of decision makers:
    • The Charismatics
      • easily intrigued by new ideas
      • they love novel, new ways of thinking
      • they will be readily willing to listen to your ideas
      • they will use their experience to balance their decision-making arounds facts and emotion
    • The Thinkers
      • they want an argument that’s well supported by data
      • they want to take the time to make decision
      • you might have to present the data more than once, or in different ways
    • The Skeptics
      • they look at things as ‘half empty’ perspective
      • they are suspicious about new ways of thinking, particularly if it challenges their own mental models and their own way of thinking and their own view of the world
      • they are always going to find a reason ‘why not’
    • The Followers
      • they want to know that somebody else has already done it
      • they are the last to come on board in terms of new trends and new ways of doing things
      • they will never be the guinea pig in an experiment
    • The Controllers
      • they are all head, little heart, when it comes to decision making
      • this group of people want to focus on the data
      • they are not going to become emotionally involved

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