The First-Time Manager by Jim McCormick, Loren Belker, Gary Topchik

Yesterday I finished the 7th edition (just released in audible) of The First-Time Manager by Jim McCormick, Loren Belker, Gary Topchik. The book has 43 chapters divided into 6 major parts focused on management lessons on new manager’s job, team dynamics, hiring/interviewing/firing, managing risks, performance evaluation, emotional intelligence, coping with stress and other topics that we face every day as a manager. I was easily able to connect to the book, got some validations on things that I already knew, and learned a few new things. The discussions are focused more on what rather than how of things. I also found several things that I disagree with the authors. As this book is not targeted to engineering management but management in general for those who are early in their management career, I didn’t find it of enough value to me. But I think it might turn out to be useful to others that fit the target audience for this book.

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