Managing Humans by Michael Lopp

Last week I finished Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager by Michael Lopp. This was a very relevant book for me as it focused on engineering management, particularly the type of job I do in Silicon Valley software companies. The author is a highly experienced engineering leader, currently an executive in Apple and has been VP of Slack in the past with his vast experience expanding to Pinterest, Palantir, Icarian, Netscape, Borland. With humor and straight talks he unleashes some of the inner thoughts of engineers and leaders through three major parts of the book. Many of those may sound opinionated, but I could connect to those easily.

While reading the book, I found that I have never been victim of a layoff although I survived a layoff when I was working for Philips. Looks like there is a lot to learn from that. Whether you are an engineer or a manager, this book has lot to offer to you. I highly recommend reading this.

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