Truth from the Valley by Mark Settle

Last week I finished Truth from the Valley: A Practical Primer on Future IT Management Trends by Mark Settle. This is thanks to Wali bhai and Asha bhabi who gifted me this book. This is the second book from Mark which is better than his earlier one The Truth from the Trenches. He brings up how Silicon Valley is the Silicon Valley is the leading laboratory for Information Technology (IT) Management. 

Mark divided this book into 3 majors parts – People, Process and Technology.

(1) People – Mark introduces the concept of talent debt similar to technical debt, the war for talent, superhero culture, coaching vs managing, teamwork. He argues that people development is of 2 types – remedial development to perform the job at hand and career development to perform at a higher level.

(2) Process – Here Mark touches on Minimum Viable Process as opposed to Minimum Viable Product that was introduced by Eric Ries in The Lean Startup. He also talks about Application Development and Maintenance (ADM), API Governance, Data Management, Security Culture, Compliance, Agile, Workflow Automation.

(3) Technology – In this part he mentions differences between systems of records vs systems of engagement, IT’s shared role in SaaS implementation, Infrastructure Abstraction, Virtual Workplace, Vendor Ecosystem Leverage.

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