The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

Yesterday I finished The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle. This is another good book on team culture that I decided to read after being highly impressed reading The Culture Map by Erin Meyer.

The author emphasizes on 3 skills as the heart of great teamwork.

  1. Safety: The foundation of a strong group lies in cultivating an innate sense of safety and belonging. Form a safe environment so everyone will let their guard down and cooperate. Weak group cultures tend to neglect interactions and focus solely on skills. Let people know that you know you aren’t perfect, and that you are listening to them.
  2. Vulnerability: Share vulnerability to show no one needs to be perfect. If you want your group to perform at its highest possible level, it’s pertinent that you share your own vulnerabilities as a leader. Clearly communicate the expectation that group members will cooperate, and share your own shortcomings to show people it’s okay to make mistakes.
  3. Purpose: The secret to unlocking great group performance is to establish a shared sense of purpose. Establish purpose through a common goal and a clear path to get there. Repetition is the key to creating a sense of purpose. Don’t shy away from corny slogans!

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