The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle

I finished The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills by Daniel Coyle today. I have read this author’s The Culture Code in the past and liked it very much.

Here are those 52 tips that I plan to revisit every once in a while.

  1. Stare At Who You Want To Become
  2. Spend Fifteen Minutes A Day Engraving The Skill On Your Brain
  3. Steal Without Apology
  4. Buy A Notebook
  5. Be Willing To Be Stupid
  6. Choose Spartan Over Luxurious
  7. Before You Start, Figure Out If It’s A Hard Skill Or A Soft Skill
  8. To Build Hard Skills, Work Like A Careful Carpenter
  9. To Build Soft Skills, Play Like A Skateboarder
  10. Honor The Hard Skills
  11. Don’t Fall For The Prodigy Myth
  12. Five Ways To Pick A High-Quality Teacher Or Coach
  13. Find The Sweet Spot
  14. Take Off Your Watch
  15. Break Every Move Down Into Chunks
  16. Each Day, Try To Build One Perfect Chunk
  17. Embrace Struggle
  18. Choose Five Minutes A Day Over An Hour A Week
  19. Don’t Do “Drills.” Instead, Play Small, Addictive Games
  20. Practice Alone
  21. Think In Images
  22. Pay Attention Immediately After You Make A Mistake
  23. Visualize The Wires Of Your Brain Forming New Connections
  24. Visualize The Wires Of Your Brain Getting Faster
  25. Shrink The Space
  26. Slow It Down (Even Slower Than You Think)
  27. Close Your Eyes
  28. Mime It
  29. When You Get It Right, Mark The Spot
  30. Take A Nap
  31. To Learn A New Move, Exaggerate It
  32. Make Positive Reaches
  33. To Learn From A Book, Close The Book
  34. Use The Sandwich Technique
  35. Use The 3 × 10 Technique
  36. Invent Daily Tests
  37. To Choose The Best Practice Method, Use The R.E.P.S. Gauge
  38. Stop Before You’re Exhausted
  39. Practice Immediately After Performance
  40. Just Before Sleep, Watch A Mental Movie
  41. End On A Positive Note
  42. Six Ways To Be A Better Teacher Or Coach
  43. Embrace Repetition
  44. Have A Blue-Collar Mind-Set
  45. For Every Hour Of Competition, Spend Five Hours Practicing
  46. Don’t Waste Time Trying To Break Bad Habits – Instead, Build New Ones
  47. To Learn It More Deeply, Teach It
  48. Give A New Skill A Minimum Of Eight Weeks
  49. When You Get Stuck, Make A Shift
  50. Cultivate Your Grit
  51. Keep Your Big Goals Secret
  52. Think Like A Gardener, Work Like A Carpenter

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