Spectrum and 5 Other Bangladeshi IT Companies are now CMMI Level 3 Certified

I got an email morning today that Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd. (SECL) has been awarded CMMI Level 3 certification recently. I was so happy to read it because I was part of the initial team in SECL that started this effort. It took long, hard 8 years but now they are here. It’s a great achievement for Bangladeshi Software Industry.

I also got to know that DataSoft, Leads, Southtect and IBCS-Primax have also been awarded CMMI Level 3 certificate. Bangladesh Internet Press Limited (BIPL) was the pioneer in Bangladesh Software Industry when they recieved it back in 2007.

All these are so wonderful for Bangladesh Software Industry! This is in recognition of implementing international best practices and process approach in software development process. The more companies join this race, the more overseas clients will gain confidence over Software Industry of Bangladesh. Congratulations to all these IT companies for the giant step forward to showcase their overall capability in a positive manner.

Last November (2008) I worked with Zeeshan Bhai and AABEA to organize a round table session and Cisco Telepresence Demonstration in San Jose with Khandakar Asif Hasan, Director & CTO and Mushfiqur Rahman, Deputy Managing Director of Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd. There they mentioned that Spectrum and some other companies are already at the last stage for fulfilling all the necessary requirements for CMMI Level 3 certifications. It’s great to see that it worked well with them.

Reference: http://aabeat.com/forum/index.php?topic=28.0

4 thoughts on “Spectrum and 5 Other Bangladeshi IT Companies are now CMMI Level 3 Certified”

  1. You can Browse at “http://sas.sei.cmu.edu/pars/pars.aspx” to get the List of CMMi company

    6 firms in Bangladesh are:

    1) Bangladesh Internet Press Ltd.(www.biplit.com),
    2) DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Ltd.(www.datasoft-bd.com),
    3)Southtech (www.southtechlimited.com),
    4)LeadSoft Bangladesh Ltd (www.leadsoft.biz),
    5) Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd. (www.spectrum-bd.com)
    6) IBCS-PRIMAX Software (Bangladesh) Ltd (www.ibcs-primax.com)


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