Attended DreamForce 2008

As a employee I got free pass to attend DreamForce 2008 which started today. I rushed into the BART to reach San Francisco Moscone Center early in the morning so that I don’t miss Marc Benioff’s keynote speech. Indeed he did an amazing speech in front of approx 10000 attendees in the huge Moscone Center Expo. I liked the dramatic way the LincVolt car entered into the stage and how Marc introduced Neil Young’s dream of a newer generation of cars and the way it forecasts it’s battery usage, location, angles through sites.’s parntership with Facebook and Amazon Web Services clouds were really encouraging. The theme of this year was Cloud. Marc is so good presented and he made quite a nice humors on some MS technologies including their newest announcement in the Cloud computing platform Windows Azure which Marc titled as Vapourware.

I wont a iPOD docking station with radio in a booth through wheel of fortune. My colleague Shishir won a iPod nano in another booth. The whole day went quite busy and by the time I was returning home in the evening, I had to walk in the rain a little to reach the Powell BART station.

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