Joined Marqeta as Engineering Manager, Payments Platform

I joined Marqeta today as Engineering Manager of Payments Platform. My last day at Roku was last Friday. It has been a nice one year and four months at Roku, working with some very cool AWS technologies along with Java based MicroServices. However, I wanted to try out engineering management and was looking for a team where I can build a strong management foundation for myself. Marqeta is a Pre IPO fintech and was just what I was looking for. My Roku colleagues gave me many management tips and I am putting some of those below. Please add more in the comments.

  • Have empathy for your team.
  • Trust, but verify.
  • Stay hands-on in coding for first 2 years as manager.
  • Always stay hands on. 60% coding and 40% people management is a good balance.
  • Finding weaknesses is easy, but finding the right strength of your team members is important and difficult.
  • No matter what you do, people will criticize. So don’t worry about it.
  • Management books, lectures are not sufficient. You must go through it and then you learn.
  • Don’t try too hard. Let the team play according to their own comfort.
  • Learn to delegate. New manager don’t do enough delegation and often take the more interesting tasks for himself/herself.

The head of talent of Marqeta Ali is the same person who recruited me from Salesforce to TubeMogul. Once TubeMogul was acquired by Adobe, Ali joined here. The first day of new hire orientation was great. As it’s payments industry, I have a lot of learnings to do. Please wish me all the best!


Above is a picture with my team at Marqeta. And the below picture is my last hour of my last day at Roku.


3 thoughts on “Joined Marqeta as Engineering Manager, Payments Platform”

  1. Ashik, Congratulations! I will add some tips from my experience, hands-on coding when you can really solve a critical problem, pr review participate, big picture and integration points in your finger tips, build second line of command, praise your team member openly when deserved, coach them to differ with each other openly and brainstorm, also value people who won’t agree with you always. Do not call early victories, encourage fire fighting when issues in production, be there with the team to walk the walk.


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