The Diabetes Code by Dr Jason Fung

After joining Twin Health last month, I started learning more about human anatomy & physiology, chronic diseases caused by dysfunctional metabolism. That's when I encountered some of the youtube video of Dr Jason Fung and liked his style of delivery very much. This week I finished listening to his audiobook The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse… Continue reading The Diabetes Code by Dr Jason Fung

Joined Twin Health

I left Marqeta last week to join Twin Health today as Director of Engineering, Treatment Platform reporting into CTO and Co-Founder Terry Poon. As part of onboarding, I finished a long HIPAA training. So far everything is looking great. The team is very welcoming and my manager is highly respected and knowledgable in the field.… Continue reading Joined Twin Health

The Anatomy of the Swipe: Making Money Move by Ahmed Siddiqui

Last month a medium article on payments ecosystem through a LinkedIn connection Ahmed Siddiqui caught my eye. It's part of a series of articles on how debit and credit cards work end to end. I found the article very informative and the author an ex-marqetan. When I reached out over slack, he told me about… Continue reading The Anatomy of the Swipe: Making Money Move by Ahmed Siddiqui

Job Satisfaction Index for Software Engineers

When it comes to job satisfaction, software engineers score high marks across the industry. I wanted to check what are some of the major components of job satisfaction for you. These may very well be the building blocks to create a job satisfaction index for software engineers. Here is my list in the order I… Continue reading Job Satisfaction Index for Software Engineers

Being Strategic: Thinking and Acting with Impact

This weekend I finished a fantastic Udemy course on Strategy by Executive Coach Ron Carucci. All Marqetans get free Udemy for Business account, so I didn't have to pay for this. Here is the link if you want to consider taking this course. I am also putting my notes and learnings from this course below.… Continue reading Being Strategic: Thinking and Acting with Impact

Marqeta Hosts Cockroach Labs at First #eng-meetup

A lively engineers' meetup with nearly 60 attendees including engineers from Bay Area software companies was held at Marqeta's Oakland Headquarter on the evening of January 29. Cockroach Labs Solution Engineer Roko Kruze gave an engineering talk on how CockroachDB delivers resilient, consistent, cloud native, distributed SQL at scale. He described how CockroachDB lets developers… Continue reading Marqeta Hosts Cockroach Labs at First #eng-meetup

How not to fail as an Engineering Manager

There are plenty of resources on how to succeed as an engineering manager. But there is not enough to tell you about how not to fail. I read the article by Brad Armstrong recently which outlined some very important ones. I recommend you read and try these out. Here is the list which mentions, DO… Continue reading How not to fail as an Engineering Manager

Joined Marqeta as Engineering Manager, Payments Platform

I joined Marqeta today as Engineering Manager of Payments Platform. My last day at Roku was last Friday. It has been a nice one year and four months at Roku, working with some very cool AWS technologies along with Java based MicroServices. However, I wanted to try out engineering management and was looking for a… Continue reading Joined Marqeta as Engineering Manager, Payments Platform

My Webinar Talk at JUGBD on AWS Data Migration Service (DMS)

I gave a talk yesterday on AWS Data Migration Service (DMS) in Bangla to Java User Group Bangladesh (JUGDB). The talk is in Bengali, so for non-Bengali speakers I am providing the link for the slides which is in English.   AWS Data Migration Service (DMS): Amazon’s Approach To Change Data Capture (CDC)