Culture Wins by William Vanderbloemen

Last week I finished Culture Wins by William Vanderbloemen. In this book the author defines – “Culture is about how a team uniquely functions when it’s at its best”. An organization’s culture is largely reflected in its values – not the values determined by management, but the values which are actually lived out by the employees.

Here are some of the points discussed in the book.

  • The whole is greater than the parts if you have a good culture.
  • Unhappy employees is a disadvantage.
  • two-third of employees in America hate their jobs.
  • You can no longer treat people like crap because we are running out of people. The generation hump.
  • Culture index generally goes down after employing someone new. But this is not always the case especially if you have a healthy culture.

The author encourages us to Hire slowly, fire quickly. The 4 C’s to hire for are –

  • Character
  • Competency
  • Chemistry
  • Culture

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