The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

Last week I finished The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene. I knew he is a tough writer after reading The 48 Laws of Power last year. In this book, Robert dives deep inside human psychology and how we think individually and collectively influenced by social, political, regional context. This book sounded less Machiavellian compared to The 48 Laws of Power. So I recommend reading this.

Robert advocates us to observe18 laws of human nature and how we should handle those. I think this will be helpful for me as a leader to be aware of in my work and in life.

  1. The Law of Irrationality – Master Your Emotional Self
  2. The Law of Narcissism – Transform Self-love into Empathy
  3. The Law of Role-playing – See Through People’s Mask
  4. The Law of Compulsive Behavior – Determine the Strength of People’s Character
  5. The Law of Covetousness – Become an Elusive Object of Desire
  6. The Law of Shortsightedness – Elevate Your Perspective
  7. The Law of Defensiveness – Soften People’s Resistance by Confirming Their Self-Opinion
  8. The Law of Self-sabotage – Change Your Circumstance by Changing Your Attitude
  9. The Law of Repression – Confront Your Dark Side
  10. The Law of Envy – Beware the Fragile Ego
  11. The Law of Grandiosity – Know Your Limits
  12. The Law of Gender Rigidity – Reconnect to the Masculine/Feminine Within You
  13. The Law of Aimlessness – Advance with a Sense of Purpose
  14. The Law of Conformity – Resist the Downward Pull of the Group
  15. The Law of Fickleness – Make Them Want to Follow You
  16. The Law of Aggression – See the Hostility Behind the Friendly Facade
  17. The Law of Generational Myopia – Seize the Historical Moment
  18. The Law of Death Denial – Meditate on Our Common Mortality

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