The Diabetes Code by Dr Jason Fung

After joining Twin Health last month, I started learning more about human anatomy & physiology, chronic diseases caused by dysfunctional metabolism. That’s when I encountered some of the youtube video of Dr Jason Fung and liked his style of delivery very much. This week I finished listening to his audiobook The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally. This is a very good book for many who wants to understand the world of metabolism, glucose, medicine, diabetes and pre-diabetes.

I have a particularly bad food habit as I don’t eat most of the fruits and vegetables. So I was wondering what are some of the safe food for me as my glucose and cholesterol are at the borderline of being high. I grabbed the following from Dr Jason’s book to remind myself.

Rule#1: Avoid Fructose

Virtually all processed foods loaded with sugar. So avoid Soda, Iced tea, Enhanced water, Sports drinks, Juices, Mixed alcoholic drinks, Coffee drinks, Sugar sweetened beverages, Smoothies, Cookies, Cakes, Deserts, Cup cakes, Ice cream, Cookies, Muffins, Ice cream. Avoid eating excessive amount of fruits, specially dry food like raisins, dry cranberries, fruit leathers. Avoid artificial sweeteners as well.

Rule#2: Reduce Refined Carbohydrate and Eat Natural Fats

Avoid or reduce most processed products made with potato, wheat, corn, rice, bread, pasta, waffles, muffins, cupcakes, donuts, popcorn, corn chips, tartias, french fries, potato chips. Eat white rice in small amounts. Ketchup, relish, spaghetti or tomato sauces, flavored yogurt, salad dressing, bbq sauces, apple sauce, spice mixes Cereals and granola bars. Avoid most whole wheat products as well. Instead eat fatty fish, olive oils, avocado, nuts, beef, pork, bacon, butter, cream, coconuts. Eggs are excellent and should eat regularly. Seafoods are good too. Highly refined seed oils are not recommended – sunflower oil, corn oil, vegetables oil (specially bad when in high heat), canola oil. Stay away from deep fried food.

Rule#3 Eat Real Food

Rule#4 Go for Intermittent Fasting

As I am fasting in this month of Ramadan, I was delighted to read how intermittent fasting gives the body time to break out of the cycle of bad food intake habits.

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