Spectrum and 5 Other Bangladeshi IT Companies are now CMMI Level 3 Certified

I got an email morning today that Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd. (SECL) has been awarded CMMI Level 3 certification recently. I was so happy to read it because I was part of the initial team in SECL that started this effort. It took long, hard 8 years but now they are here. It's a great… Continue reading Spectrum and 5 Other Bangladeshi IT Companies are now CMMI Level 3 Certified

Google’s Web Browser Chrome

I started using Google's new Web Browser Chrome since morning. It looks so good to me so far although I am not going to move away from Firefox pretty soon. First 2 things I noticed are that it doesn't have a toolbar other than the address bar (nothing like File, Edit etc) and the tabs look very good/clearly… Continue reading Google’s Web Browser Chrome

Salesforce Google Apps Integration

One of the reason I like working in cutting edge technologies as "On-Demand" CRM in Salesforce.com... Last week, Tony Ruscoe found an interesting reference to Salesforce in a CSS file used by Google Apps. According to the company, "Salesforce.com is the worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services. More companies trust their vital… Continue reading Salesforce Google Apps Integration

Rounding problem in Java for float, double types

Here is a sample java program that I wrote. It shows that for all of Double, double, Float, float you can't rely on default rounding operation of java/jvm. I think even JVM to JVM implementation (sun windows jvm vs ibm linux jvm for example) the output may vary. Can someone confirm it? public class DoubleAndFloatIssue… Continue reading Rounding problem in Java for float, double types

I joined SalesForce.com as a Software Engineer

I joined Salesforce in San Francisco yesterday as a Software Engineer. So far it has been a wonderful and competitive corporate environment. My manager took me to a Thai Cuisine for lunch and explained me how Salesforce is growing so fast! I will be probably assigned to AppStore and Phoenix projects soon after I finish… Continue reading I joined SalesForce.com as a Software Engineer

Searching for a job in Bangladeshi Software Companies

I got an email from an NIITian a few days ago who is looking for a job in any Bangladeshi software company. Here is an excert of my reply via email that you may find useful. ======================================================= Software industry in Bangladesh is yet not matured enough to get a quick opening. If you are planning… Continue reading Searching for a job in Bangladeshi Software Companies