Startup Leadership by Derek Lidow

Today I finished the audiobook Startup Leadership: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn Their Ideas Into Successful Enterprises. In this book author Derek Lidow outlined the 4 stages of a company's growth and the leadership requirements for each of those stages. He mentions that the entrepreneur must move passed being just an entrepreneur to becoming an entrepreneurial leader (EL). Stage… Continue reading Startup Leadership by Derek Lidow

9 Rules for Cross Functional Collaboration

I came up with 9 rules for cross functional collaboration in large projects while thinking to solve a particular problem in office. Do you think these are too many or too few? Please share if you have any recommendations to change. Identify Teams - key stakeholders and participants like product, engineering, UX, business/customer Define Goals… Continue reading 9 Rules for Cross Functional Collaboration

Gangsta Vision by Dilip Ramachandran

Last week I finished the book Gangsta Vision: Recipes to break into product management leadership by Dilip Ramachandran. Dilip is my ex-colleague from Marqeta and a friend of mine. Few months before publishing this book, he had a session with me. That's when I came to know that he had been writing this book. While the… Continue reading Gangsta Vision by Dilip Ramachandran

Crossing The Chasm by Geoffrey Moore

I finished reading Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Technology Projects to Mainstream Customers by Geoffrey Moore. I started reading this book before my Bangladesh trip in February and continued reading during my Kenya trip last month. This is a very useful but hard read. As I am working on a bay area startup, it is very relevant… Continue reading Crossing The Chasm by Geoffrey Moore

I was Featured Today in Twin Health LinkedIn Page

It's been 3 months I joined #twinhealth and enjoying my work here. I was featured today in our Twin Health LinkedIn page. Ashik Uzzaman we are so happy to have you as both a people and engineering leader. Among his many contributions; Ashik organized and leads a Leadership Guild where Twins are welcome to join and… Continue reading I was Featured Today in Twin Health LinkedIn Page

Twin Health US Engineering Social Event

We had a nice social event for US Engineering event yesterday in our Mountain View head quarter of Twin Health followed by a hiking in Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve which is within 10 miles of our office. I was part of team dragon; we were 3rd out of 5 teams while fullstackers won.… Continue reading Twin Health US Engineering Social Event

Joined Twin Health

I left Marqeta last week to join Twin Health today as Director of Engineering, Treatment Platform reporting into CTO and Co-Founder Terry Poon. As part of onboarding, I finished a long HIPAA training. So far everything is looking great. The team is very welcoming and my manager is highly respected and knowledgable in the field.… Continue reading Joined Twin Health

The Anatomy of the Swipe: Making Money Move by Ahmed Siddiqui

Last month a medium article on payments ecosystem through a LinkedIn connection Ahmed Siddiqui caught my eye. It's part of a series of articles on how debit and credit cards work end to end. I found the article very informative and the author an ex-marqetan. When I reached out over slack, he told me about… Continue reading The Anatomy of the Swipe: Making Money Move by Ahmed Siddiqui

High Level System Design and Architecture Topics

These are some of the topics that a standard backend engineer should know. Here we are consciously excluding any particular tool, framework or programming language. Instead we want to focus on topics related to high level system design and architecture. It can't be an exhaustive list ever. I will try my best to keep adding… Continue reading High Level System Design and Architecture Topics

Step by Step: Easy Ways to Purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

As people are rushing towards crypto currencies now-a-days and specially to buy Bitcoin, they often find it difficult to figure out which web site to use to buy. Sometimes they give up with frustration looking at too many steps involved to get in.  I myself have faced it once earlier but finally got over the… Continue reading Step by Step: Easy Ways to Purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin