Gangsta Vision by Dilip Ramachandran

Last week I finished the book Gangsta Vision: Recipes to break into product management leadership by Dilip Ramachandran. Dilip is my ex-colleague from Marqeta and a friend of mine. Few months before publishing this book, he had a session with me. That’s when I came to know that he had been writing this book. While the title may suggest this is a book for product managers’ career growth, in reallity anyone in leadership position of any software development company (and possibly any company) will benefit from his narrative of his own career journey and lessons learnt the hard way. I highly recommend this book.

Dilip’s style of writing was very good all throughout. I could easily connect as I have seen him in action in work (at Marqeta). Just the way he maintains a positive outlook, his writing also has a positive tone. In this book he brings many different concepts in front of the reader ranging from how to make life decisions, work with teams and bosses to when to step out and pursue different dreams. He brings references from various leaders in the industry to make points on tactical and strategic decision making processes. I was one of the early buyers of the kindle version of the book and it was a fun read.

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