9 Rules for Cross Functional Collaboration

I came up with 9 rules for cross functional collaboration in large projects while thinking to solve a particular problem in office. Do you think these are too many or too few? Please share if you have any recommendations to change.

  1. Identify Teams – key stakeholders and participants like product, engineering, UX, business/customer
  2. Define Goals – follow a goal setting framework (OKR, SMART Goals, V2MOM) to set target for project
  3. Establish Communication Channels – daily standups, weekly meetings, slack channel, status update emails, documents and notes
  4. Set Timelines & Milestones – divide into multiple phases and set deadline for each milestone
  5. Define Dependencies – list out dependencies on other teams and communicate those
  6. Assign Accountability – follow RACI for each deliverable so everyone knows who will do what
  7. Foster Culture of Collaboration – encourage open communication, celebrate success, establish feedback loops
  8. Monitor Progress – regularly monitor progress adjust collaborations as needed
  9. Evaluate When Finished – evaluate the success, identify areas for improvement, document and share the learnings

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