Adobe Acquires TubeMogul

Today Adobe completes the acquisition of TubeMogul. So I will be an Adobe employee from new year 2017. Newsroom Link Last Friday we had the last TubeMogul Holiday party at Ferry Building, San Francisco. We enjoyed it. Here is a picture taken from the photo booth in the party.

Lost in 2nd Round of TubeMogul Ping Pong Tournament

Week #1 of the TubeMogul Engineering Ping Pong Championship has come to a close. It was great to see so many folks from different teams participating and having fun. The field has been reduced from 37 to 16 competitors. You can view the live tournament bracket here (results updated daily): I lost to Trung Dinh… Continue reading Lost in 2nd Round of TubeMogul Ping Pong Tournament

My Engineering Article from TubeMogul – Git Commit Message

Today TubeMogul Engineering Blog published my first engineering article. TubeMogul’s Engineering team uses a number of tools to help us collaborate and track progress more effectively, including Git, the popular version control system. Git’s commit messages are an integral part of establishing context for code changes, and maintaining an effective workflow. Read on for some… Continue reading My Engineering Article from TubeMogul – Git Commit Message