The Attributes by Rich Diviney

Last week I finished The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance by retired Navy SEAL commander Rich Diviney. In this thought provoking book, Rich argues the difference between Skills and Attributes in humans. Skills can be taught but attributes are more inherent and show up under conditions of uncertainty, challenge and stress. I recommend reading this book for anyone in… Continue reading The Attributes by Rich Diviney

My Talk on How to Manage a Technical Team in Managed Coder

I got to know Shahed Islam via LinkedIn when he commented on some of my leadership posts that I shared in my wall. We found common interest and enthusiasm in the area of leadership and management theories and practices. Hence we synced up in a zoom call one day and talked about why we are… Continue reading My Talk on How to Manage a Technical Team in Managed Coder

Liminal Thinking by Dave Gray

I finished Liminal Thinking: Create the Change You Want by Changing the Way You Think by Dave Gray. Liminal thinking is the art of creating change by understanding, shaping and reframing beliefs. It is the in-between space that defines two things while at the same time being neither one nor the other. In this book the author talks about… Continue reading Liminal Thinking by Dave Gray

Servant Leadership in Action by Ken Blanchard

I finished Servant Leadership in Action: How You Can Achieve Great Relationships and Results by Ken Blanchard and Renee Broadwell yesterday. This is a collection of 42 essays from different leaders and coaches organized in 6 parts.  Fundamentals of Servant LeadershipElements of Servant LeadershipLessons in Servant LeadershipExemplars of Servant LeadershipPutting Servant Leadership to WorkServant Leadership Turnarounds Some… Continue reading Servant Leadership in Action by Ken Blanchard

The Art of Leadership by Michael Lopp

Last week I finished The Art of Leadership: Small Things, Done Well by Michael Lopp. I read his Managing Humans recently and joined his leadership channel in slack that has more than 15 thousand members. In 30 articles borrowed from his long running blog Rands in Response and divided equality for line managers, directors and executives in topics, he tells us… Continue reading The Art of Leadership by Michael Lopp

The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive by Patrick Lencioni

Last week I finished another of Patrick Lencioni's book - The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive: A Leadership Fable. In this early book (written even before Five Dysfunctions of a Team) the author emphasizes on why organizational health is the ultimate differentiator between a successful and failed business as well as how to achieve that. Organizational health… Continue reading The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive by Patrick Lencioni

The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller

This week I finished The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller. I was interested to read this book as I recently read Mark Miller's The Heat of Leadership and The Secret of Teams. I am also a big fan of Ken Blanchard's One Minute Manager.  This a fantastic business fable involving a struggling leader Debbie Brewster discovering… Continue reading The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller

Marqeta Successfully Executed IPO at June 9th

Marqeta began a new journey as a public company this June 9th by listing in Nasdaq. This is a major milestone in my career. I have missed it a few times in the past, but now I feel good that I have been part of taking a small startup to a mid-size public company. I… Continue reading Marqeta Successfully Executed IPO at June 9th

The Heart of Leadership by Mark Miller

I finished another good business fable last week, The Heart of Leadership: Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow by Mark Miller. This is an amazing leadership book that I strongly recommend. It was very fitting that Patrick Lencioni wrote the forward of this book. In this business fable the author talks about foundational leadership characters. Characters, which… Continue reading The Heart of Leadership by Mark Miller

Good Leadership and Management Books

I am very keen in deepening my understanding about engineering leadership for fast growing tech companies. This is very relevant to my current company where I am working as a Sr Engineering Manager. I often share my thoughts, new learnings, leadership puzzles that is confusing me currently in my social media networks. As a result… Continue reading Good Leadership and Management Books

The Five Temptations of a CEO by Patrick Lencioni

Earlier this week I finished another good book from Management Guru Patrick Lencioni - The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable. In his customary style, Patrick brings out the inner conflicts of the CEO of a San Francisco based company which many struggling CEOs experience. A temptation may be understood as a personal moral failure that… Continue reading The Five Temptations of a CEO by Patrick Lencioni

Book Review: First, Break All The Rules by Marcus Buckingham

Yesterday I finished  First, Break All The Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman from Gallup Organization. This is a good book that managers at different levels should read. This may turn out to be a bit heavy for entry level managers but may be not. The reason I mention it… Continue reading Book Review: First, Break All The Rules by Marcus Buckingham